A Whole Other Thing

I am on my way to a concert on an Island here. I chose to use a long piece of lace as a headband, found at your local fabric store. I am also wearing plain old jean shorts and a black slip on skirt as a shirt. Not everything you own is meant for its original purpose :) Please listen to Left and Leaving by The Weakerthans as you read this: Click Here.
I am still in Kingston at this present moment, sitting in my kitchen, waiting for my double chocolate cookies to bake.

Here’s the recipe: Yummy :)

I have about 5 days left in this town, and I feel as though the timing is fairly perfect. I hate leaving friends, seeing as we have such a wonderful time together, and I will miss them dreadfully until the winter when I see them next.

I am preparing myself (and by myself I mean my heart, my head and my spirit) to become an RA for a group of young women this year. I am not prepared. I do not say this because I am nervous or scared but rather because I can’t seem to get around the idea of me being a role model. It’s one thing to live in a dorm and a whole other thing to be the leader of it. I’m not afraid of being vulnerable, I have been that before, but I am afraid of how they will react. I’m scared of them getting tired of me, or frustrated. I have a tendency to over-do things… personality wise.

I know that there is an amazing support system who is 100% behind me and I have a God that knows exactly what each girl needs and that I am placed there for a reason.

I will continue to pray about my path and about the girls entering my dorm. I will be strong and brave and ready to show my heart.

xo Meredith



  1. >I am so stinkin' excited for you and this upcoming year! God is going to shape you this year, my friend… and there is no way to predict how! It's just a matter of trusting Him when anything comes your way! If I knew what was going to happen beforehand, I don't know how I would have reacted. But alas, God was enough for me and became my everything more and more when I trusted Him with every sucky moment, and with every beautiful one too. You are going to bless those girls so much, and honestly, you might come away feeling like you were impacted more by them anyway! Only God knows what's in store :)Ps. Of course you're going to get tired of people or they're going to get tired of you– that's the beauty of living in such. close. quarters. Haha… the bigger part of that is you learn that people will love you anyway! That's my favorite part. Love you so much!!

  2. >pps. I love that song you told me to listen to!!

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