Beauty is Present

I wrote this at a time of understanding and a time when I gave up fighting:

Everything seems beautiful now
Maybe it’s the song, maybe it’s the words
It could be the day
The boy
The scenery
My feelings
Feeling free again, feeling open and broken down
I am not closed in
Somehow the wall has been chipped away
Somehow I can feel again…
The Berlin Wall=my wall
The more people get closer, visit, take a piece
The more it creeps to the ground, consumed…
I was divided, unsure of which side to be on
I know now.
I want to be on the side that experiences-
The side that can give and take
The one that can see the beauty
I am smiling
Not pretending, not hiding, not floating
Sinking, in a sea of grace and utter splendor
My heart hurts, it has been too long
The hurt that I know is so wonderful, I want to just unzip my skin and pull out my heart just to see it beat…
That could have been explicit, too much to handle, overkill:
But I need that…
To push the envelope,
Lick it and send you my feelings express, direct.
I am okay
I am living, breathing, moving, hurting, feeling
And I will continue to live
In the present beauty.


One comment

  1. >This is really, really beautiful. You are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this, my darling. Can't wait to see you in person so soon! God bless you today :)

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