Maybe I’ll Just Write…

So here I am, at the Calgary airport… again. And by again I do not mean from previous times but from earlier this morning… meaning 1 am. I realize it’s my fault, I’m the one who chose BC but I do hate flying. It sucks. There is nothing to do, I feel disconnected from the world as I put all of my trust in a pilot I have never met and don’t really care to be friends with.
As we attempted to touch down in Calgary the first time last night, the pilot decided to turn around and stop in Lethbridge for fuel. His landing in Lethbridge was… let’s say not worth the applause some of the passengers awarded him, I however did not. We waited in Lethbridge for what seemed like a year and then decided to give Calgary another try. By this time I had already missed my flight to Abbotsford and into the arms of my dear friends. I wasn’t very hopeful I was getting out any time soon. We made it to Calgary, finally, and ended the first half of this very epic trip. They set me up in a hotel, I got to shower… awesome, but not brush me teeth… sorry those sitting close haha.
I await my flight to Abbotsford now and apparently it is delayed… again. Luckily I have good friends to De-boredify me (New word :) Add it to your dictionary.) A call to a friend Josh Glass and caring friends who make sure I’m safe :) I love you all.
As a dear friend (Arby) mentioned, maybe this is a foreshadowing of what God is to bring this year… funny yet also possibly true. Patience, I’m sure, is going to be a very large lesson this year as I learn to live, all over again, with a large group of girls, yet still find a balance. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, frightened and everything else in between.
I going to get a magazine and some Starbucks now!

I love you all


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