Listen Up

So I recently sent a friend a list of some of my favourite music, bands, artists… yada yada yada. I thought I would share them with you as there are some free EP downloads and many a YouTube link you would possibly enjoy.

1. Download the free EP of MemoryHouse

2. August Burns Red- the album constellations
my favourite

3. Zeus:

4. jónsi: (This is the Icelandic stuff I was telling you about)

5. The XX: (Their description is “essentially make-out music for cool kids” haha so awesome)

6. Band of Horses

7. Brand New
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to the whole CD “The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me”

8. The Acorn: SUCH a beautiful song.

9. The Weakerthans: Check more of their stuff out

10. Fleet Foxes:

11. Florence + The Machine: she is SKILLED
Listen to this song as loud as you can:

12. Great Lake Swimmers:

13. Hey Rosetta!:

14. Matt Epp: This music video is just as good as the song… in my opinion.

15. Oh my word I almost forgot about this amazing man: Patrick Watson. Listen to the whole CD Wooden Arms. But here is my favourite song: again, listen to this as loud as you can.

16. Dan Mangan

17. Phoenix

I hope your ears enjoy :) I suggest listening while studying or reading or just sitting in your room!

Send me feedback on your favourite!!
xo Mer


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