Shaking Things Up

Change is odd. It’s always a weird feeling when you come back to a place but things have to be different. Such as school, specifically Trinity Western, the place I attend.
It’s hard not to compare years, or dorms, or people. But honestly, it doesn’t really make any sense to. Things will always be shifting, moving and reworking themselves. Being in a different building, with different girls, in a different position, with different classes and not really around any friends from the previous year, I have a lot of change ahead of me. I think it’s something that you don’t necessarily come to terms with but something you come to understand that you have to come to terms with… if that makes any sense. I’ll never get used to shaking up things that I have enjoyed, but that’s part of life so I’m just going to deal and understand that God knows exactly what he’s doing.This was taken a couple years back but I still have this dress which is one of my favourite things because it’s covered with sequins :) I actually photo-shopped this photo by taking the background of one picture I took and placing it behind me, I also made the background purple rather then brown.


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