Order Beats Chaos

I love making lists. It’s very entertaining for me and it puts my life in order… double whammy.

Here are some of my lists…

Classes I want to take:
– COMM 411: Media, Culture and Criticism
– COMM 382: Symbol and Typography Design (done)
– COMM 383: Format and Layout Design
– RELS 272: Eastern World Religions (done)
– RELS 340: Book Study
– PSYC 415: Human Sexuality
– SOCI 222: Marriage and Family


Bands I want to see:
– Temper Trap
– Incubus
– Alexisonfire
– Anberlin
– Bon Iver
– Brand New
– City and Colour
– Tiesto
– Tegan and Sara
– Metric
– Stars

Places I want to go:
– Argentina
– Greece
– Portugal
– Italy
– Northwest Territories
– Iceland
– Thailand
– Israel
– Egypt
– Holland
– Peru



  1. >Hey. come to Edmonton on the 31st of October and visit me and we'll go see Stars.Deal?

  2. >HAHA! I wish! :( But I see you December!!

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