Jesus is my Rain Boots

So I was asked in RAD group (the group of RAs in the same building as me) the other day after telling my testimony what my metaphor for Jesus was, for my life personally. My mind instantly drifted to the idea of rain and how that is something that makes God seem so real to me. I thought of rain boots and how much I love them. How invincible I feel when I’m wearing them. Jesus is like a pair of rain boots to me. When I know that it is raining and I put my rain boots on, I feel ready and excited to face the rain. I want to walk through every puddle and do it smiling and laughing. I feel unbeatable.

There are days however, when I forget to put my rain boots on and get my shoes all wet. I don’t want to walk through the puddles and tend to avoid them as much as possible. Those are the days when I simply forget that Jesus is literally always with me and I just forget to give him my fear or troubles. I forget that I can’t do this all by myself. It takes me so much longer to get to where I need to go if I don’t wear my rain boots because I have to avoid puddles and go the long way around.

There are days when I know it is raining, but I simply choose to wear other shoes. I leave my rain boots sitting by my door and choose to walk the long way, choose to get wet and choose to suffer. This is like times when I am struggling or feeling weak but I choose to go at it alone. I leave God by the door and walk out by myself. Why do I do that? Because I feel at times that my way is the best. Guess what? It’s not even close. When I think back to the times when I tried to solve my own problems and how terribly wrong it went, then I decided to go to God, I realize how much God’s way was better and how He knows what is best.

So when it’s raining in your life don’t forget to put on your rain boots and run right through those puddles. Jesus is there, He knows whats best, He loves to see you run and splash. :)

God Bless

P.S. Joe Fresh always has great rain boots :)



  1. >By Joe Fresh, you mean Superstore.Don't you go pretending it's classy!oh, and nice blog :)miss you Meredith!

  2. >That's what it's called!! It's not really a classy name either. Thanks Erik.I miss you too :)

  3. >Wow Meredith, well written. You teach me so much! Keep wearing those rain boots and I will try to wear mine more often. 'Thanks, for the example.Love you Mom and I miss you too!

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