Rest in His arms


So I didn’t go to church on Sunday… great way to start a blog… I know. Reason being I didn’t fall asleep until 5am and was supposed to go to the early service which is 9… ya not happening. I opted for a podcast from the Mars Hill Church called Longing For Rest by Ruth Haley Barton. I’m pretty sure God guided my hand when I clicked on this particular podcast.
Recently I have been hearing a lot about the Sabbath, whether that being a few friends of mine deciding to take a day of rest on Sunday or just little points about it in church or chapel. I would describe it as a slight tugging. Anyway, this podcast that I chose to be my church this afternoon was about exactly that, taking a Sabbath.
I know what a Sabbath is, I know, pretty much, what it means but I never really thought it through enough or thought about doing it, simply because I have no time to just stop. Ruth Haley Barton proved me wrong in SO many ways. Her passion on this subject was what got me first. The way she explained why taking a Sabbath is so important made me think why haven’t I done this all along?
I have decided that my Sunday’s are now for God. Barton explained that what we choose to do on our Sabbath will be different from other people but we need to establish if what we are doing or want to do fit a threefold criteria, which is: Everything you do on your Sabbath should include 1. Rest 2. Worship 3. Delight. Without rest we would not be able to do the next two so that is why it is first. The concept of the Sabbath being a gift from God and not having it be completely about giving back to Him but rather us enjoying this beautiful thing God gave us is what made me really stop and think. Why wouldn’t I partake in a beautiful gift that God gave me meant for me to actually take time to rejuvenate and maybe even take a nap… mind blowing… I know.
As some of you know, I have a tattoo on my right wrist that states Rest in HIS arms. It means a lot of different things to me, it’s changed it’s meaning through time, has accumulated more meaning and so on. I think that’s pretty cool. I don’t believe that this specific addition to my body will ever stop meaning something or become useless. I feel as though it will always remind me somehow to go back to God. What is particularly interesting is that I have never associated it with the Sabbath. As I was listening to this podcast on Rest I was reminded of the words on my arm and almost heard a voice saying, “why can’t it mean this as well?” You know… that’s a really good point.. why can’t it?

So here I am, with a new deeper meaning to my artistic arm, a whole day to Rest, Worship and Delight and a deeper meaning into God. If I were you I would consider looking more into the Sabbath and what a day like that would mean to you. Look at your life and consider taking a day of rest meant to glorify God. I’ve only had one so far but let me tell you it’s pretty darn awesome :)

A whole lot of love…



  1. >Interesting, I never really thought much about Sabbath.Also, forgot how good your tattoo looks. Love youMom

  2. >This is a photo from like a couple weeks after I got it. So it looks worse now haha

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