Through the Cracks

For my final project for photography we pretty much had free range to do whatever we wanted to do. Portraits, landscapes, themes, series etc. It was all up for grabs. I chose to do four different portraits and display two together for each person. Each photo would be from the same shoot but would display the person in a slightly different light then the other. I had a blast taking these photos and am really proud of my final production. Here is my artist statement and some photos from each of the four shoots that I really like.

Please go to the gallery to see these images

Artist Statement

This series of photos has been created with a film of darkness, as I discovered the places where people withdraw from the social eye to bury their pure and raw self deep within. The lens of the camera captures what is under the heap of camouflage and casts a glimmer of beauty through the cracks. As you look through the images, do not separate yourself from the emotions that may arise, but rather, allow yourself to feel what each person is feeling. What are they hiding? Where are they coming from? What is the beauty they are concealing behind the walls of sorrow and solitude? As people that are desperate for perfection and acknowledgment, our outward, physical bodies tend to never truly look like what is deep inside. These photos attempt to capture the anguished feelings of hurt and pain that sometimes break through the shield of idealism we so badly want to project. This series is about truth and meeting people where they are, seeing the real human and finding beauty in the brokenness.

Technical and Compositional Tools

In these photos I used photoshop to enhance certain areas in the photos, adjust lighting and colour tone and place the photos together to create one. I also used studio lighting such a s umbrella lights in one of the photo groupings. The media is used on the models are things such as face paint, magazine cutouts and mud.


One comment

  1. >Wow Meredith, Awesome photography and also great models. I like the bathtub ones the best I think but not sure why. I think they made me feel the most. The magazine cut outs are great too.

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