To Read or not to Read

Check out this song by The Shins called Australia
Then jump to this one by The Shins as well
oh and while you’re at it just click here too

Reading break has begun and I am here, on campus, enjoying the solitude that comes with the copious amount of people that desperately escape this place. I get to spend time with Jesus, which is incredibly refreshing and is allowing me to breathe again. I have challenged myself to have a real conversation with Him each day this week because to be honest, I miss Him. I miss Jesus as I am finding myself busy with all of my selfish duties and tasks.
To me, conversing with Jesus means journaling, asking big questions, listening and reading the Bible.
But also this week, I get to spend time with a certain boy. Which I am also quite excited about. Here are some photos of our recent adventures such as a Bombers game, our favourite Trinity team and our walk to Fort Langley on a wonderful sun-drenched day.

I know, my smile is ridiculous but I tend to look
THIS happy in most photos

These are my friends Joti (in the back trying to kiss you) and Weston. You’ve seen Weston before, he is showcased as a model in a couple posts below this one.
Check them out if you haven’t yet.

He’s probably not going to like this photo but I do

Enjoy your days!


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  1. >Thanks for sharing! Awesome Pictures.

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