Exam Time=Free Time!

I hit up IKEA yesterday with some friends because we didn’t have class, how wonderful. We decided to be a little weird and play house.

Here I am washing my hands in my kitchen.
And here we are being Asian in our bathroom
(this is from 500 Days of Summer if it sounds familiar)
Great times had by all plus the $1 ice cream is so worth it :)
The picture to your right is purely for your enjoyment

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself this week and maybe pick up some of those SOLBRÄND Tablecloth holders you’ve always wanted.

But seriously, check this room out… does it not just scream relaxation… which sounds like an oxymoron…

And this workspace is something I would die to have in my future home.

Alright, I believe I am done distracting you and lusting after furniture. Enjoy your day!!

Love, Meredith


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