Just Lovely

Hi lovely people: I was studying with a friend the other day and he noted that as exam time starts up, people begin to listen to more Christian music. It’s true. At least for me. Here is a wonderful list of songs, a playlist I entitled Lovely Songs, that you should all listen to. Do it. Do it now. Add it to your Grooveshark Playlists! If you don’t know what that is I will tell you at the bottom of the page.

1. Your Love is a Song- Switchfoot
2. Your Hands- JJ Heller
3. You’re Beautiful- Phil Wickham
4. Understand- Jeremy Camp
5. Treasure- Micah Tawlks
6. Starry Night- Chris August
7. Return- Needtobreathe
8. Oh My God- Jars of Clay
9. Delirious?- Majesty
10. Light up the Sky- The Afters
11. I Miss You- Shane and Shane
12. Gravity- Shawn McDonald
13. Beautiful Things- Gungor
14. All I Need is You- Hillsongs
15. Aftermath- Hillsong United

P.S. You may want to be in a good head-space to listen to Oh My God by Jars of Clay. It brings me to tears about 98% of the time I listen to it.

This is a picture from downtown Vancouver, the lighting was pretty awesome. Like a beautiful cupcake with soft, creamy, mint icing… can you tell what I’m craving?

NOTE: for those that want to “shark-it-up” (I made that up) Grooveshark is a sweet way to listen to music LEGALLY and it has literally everything. Check it out!! It’s super duper awesome, the name helps.
Love you all. Enjoy your nights

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