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I just watched this: /jessi_arrington_wearing_nothing_new.html on TED and it was pretty inspiring actually, she also has a blog called Lucky so and so which seems pretty interesting. I haven’t had time to fully check it out yet.

Yes I am still baking, though it has slowed down to more of a trickle rather then a cascade. I have pictures that will make you drool… drool like when you get a massage and get super relaxed and then realize all of a sudden that your arm is wet and your mouth is wide open… that is definitely not a personal example…

These pictures are of my first red velvet cake, I made 2. The second one was for the Bachelorette, because I celebrate these sorts of things. Let me vent/comment for just a minute. Bentley is a huge… meanie. Yes meanie. But I am hoping that this Monday he will tell Ashley how he feels and leaves. I also love JP and I love William but I feel like he’s getting a bit too cocky. West is my all time favourite and I hope he stays that way.

I am also watching So You Think You Can Dance and loving it. Always do. Loving their music choices too! This blog is pretty good and recalling what songs were used and I’ve used it a few times. Due to that I now want to obtain the CD Santogold by Santigold. Not to completely confuse you. Check this tunage out… Super good song, makes you want to break it down. Perhaps you know this one: Shove it by Santigold.

I am heading off to Kitchener, Waterloo this Wednesday to see a wonderful friend of mine… one of which that has actually been featured on this blog. She goes by the name of Melodie. I am very excited to talk, a lot and probably eat things. It’s kind of what we do.

Until another time,


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