A bit of everything for you today

First of all, you should listen to this playlist I made for myself initially and then realized that you too could love such songs!! So please, Enjoy.


Here is the list of songs, just in case you are super lazy today and one more click of the mouse will send you right over the edge, but yet you are still interested as to what everyone else, who has a bit more energy, is listening to.

1. The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson – To Build a Home (Live at The Barbican in London)
2. Dreamer – Jenn Grant
3. Yer Spring – Hey Rosetta!
4. Little Hell – City and Colour
5. Oh My Heart – Jenn Grant
6. Fragile Bird – City and Colour
7. Baby’s Been Away – Jenn Grant
8. Big Jet Plane – Angus and Julia Stone
9. Fell of the Dock – Jim Bryson and The Weakerthans
10. Walk Away – Jenn Grant
11. Annie – Safetysuit
12. Unique New York – Jenn Grant
13. Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
14. How I Met You – Jenn Grant
15. Everybody Loves You – Jenn Grant
16. Wrecking Ball – Mother Mother
17. Body – Mother Mother

I realize that there are a lot of songs by Jenn Grant, perhaps you have heard of her, perhaps you haven’t. If you haven’t… I am ashamed of you… okay not actually, but here is your chance to listen to her and redeem yourself!
I just went to one of her concerts actually and here are some photos I snagged of her and her opening act, who is just as brilliant, Jim Bryson, who is also featured in this playlist.

She is such a lovely person!

Hope you enjoyed!


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