It was a sunny day in Seattle

I had the opportunity of going to Seattle with some old friends and some new friends yesterday and I really enjoyed myself! It was my first time in the city and I was able to do the, perhaps cheesy but highly thrilling tourist stops of the very first Starbucks- Pike Place, the Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall.
The main reason for going to Seattle was to see LIGHTS in concert at a venue called El Corazon. The concert was awesome and I danced it out like a mad women, to her old songs and her new songs that featured some heavy dub step… I’m definitely a fan.

As you look through the photos and get a sense of my eventful day, I invite you to take a listen to one of LIGHTS’ new songs called Toes.
P.S. she is the coolest person ever.I decided to make sugar cookies the night before because I wanted dessert and I thought, I have frozen raspberries in the freezer… let’s throw them in. It worked so well and were a huge hit! The funny thing is though they turned blue! Just another lesson on don’t judge a book by its cover… or a cookie on its batter.

I hope you enjoyed this!
lots of love,



  1. […] I started out in Seattle (picture above), seeing LIGHTS in concert, which was amazing. There is a post below about it. Check er out. I then made my way to downtown Vancouver the next night to see The Arkells […]

  2. Colin B · · Reply

    Just refound this! So many great memories! Can’t believe that was over three years ago…

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