Calgary Sunset

Hello all,
I am here, once again, in the Calgary airport awaiting my flight in about an hour. There is snow here, and a BEAUTIFUL red sunset highlighting the city. I wouldn’t mind exploring the city but I am en-route to Kingston.

I had a great semester, it was full but good. I cannot believe I only have one semester left, where did those four years go? Just the other day I was complaining about going to school for four more years, but they have been the best four years of my life, to date.

This semester I took a hiking class and had the opportunity to hike 4 different mountains. We hiked Mount Seymour in North Vancouver, The Chief in Squamish, Greendrop Lake in Chilliwack and Elk and Thurston Mountain in Chilliwack. The views were pretty darn gorgeous from these mountains, with or without the fog… it was usually with.

I took a lot of photos as well, as I am working for the yearbook and a student-news reporting type job as well. I have the opportunity of using a 5D Mark II, which is about a $2,000 camera, body only. When you strap on a 70-200mm F2.8 lens, you’re hitting about $4,500, in your hands… no pressure hey? This thing makes my Nikon D3100 feel like a baby’s toy, so needless to say, I don’t use mine too often.

I also had a super busy, super crazy, fall reading break (basically a weekend) I started out in Seattle (picture above), seeing LIGHTS in concert, which was amazing. There is a post below about it. Check er out. I then made my way to downtown Vancouver the next night to see The Arkells in concert, also quite good. The next day, bright and early, I caught a ferry to Victoria with some friends. Such an eventful weekend!

Overall, excellent and challenging semester and I look forward to more time with friends but not the lingering heavy course-load. I will make it through :)

Happy Holidays everyone!


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