Never Too Much Animal Print

Oh, hey there…
Do you ever just feel like a new person when you get your hair cut? Like there is suddenly a weight off of your shoulders? To me a hair cut makes my day, and when I go shorter I feel more like myself. Today was one of those days. today was also a day where I experimented with my wardrobe, that was also an enjoyable experience for me. In a moment of complete vanity, here are some pictures of me from today. I promise to never put this many photos of myself up in a row again.
I would like to thank Elizabeth Haines for taking these photos of me, she’s such a rockstar.

Adios muchachos! Buenos Noches.
Can you tell I’m doing Spanish?

– Meredith



  1. … your necklace looks like a centipede, just thought you should know :)

    1. I can’t tell if this is a compliment but either way… thank you… whoever you are China.

  2. amoslionhorse · · Reply

    love the outfit and the haircolour! you’re so pretty! you do the world a favour by posting pics. :)

  3. Absolutely Stunning! Words can’t express.. seriously. I write with tears in my eyes. You are lovely.

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