All the Bells and Whistles

I sit in the library with my back to the window, seeing the reflection of geese taking flight in the screen of my computer. This is merely a reminder that life does not live inside a portable device. There is a world out there, a world outside of school, outside of papers and exams. A world that, despite how I feel presently, I am already a part of. I feel however, that graduation will be a turning point in my life. A point where fireworks will go off, bells will sound and colours will become brighter and I will finally feel accepted into the real world… that’s not going to happen is it? I will not become a world traveler or a obtain the career of my dreams right away, things take time, and that, I have lots of. Honestly, I’m not ready or in any hurry to jump start my career. I want to spend time out of school and enjoy this beautiful province in a season I have yet to experience. I am excited to be reminded of the life that exists outside of campus and to explore things I have not been able to…which may be the back of my eyelids for the first few weeks. Needless to say, all of this work and studying will end, in a month exactly, with or without fireworks.

Here are some photos that took me a very long time to get to. May they be a reminder to you that winter is getting farther and farther away… or is it closer and closer? Either way, enjoy :)

A little study session at the WatershedThis is my homeA little excursion to Ottawa with my gorgeous friendswho doesn’t love a hockey fight?

Have just the greatest of days
– Meredith


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