No Apologies

Is it not utterly thrilling and completely terrifying to be done school and have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything? Why am I asking, yes, that is exactly how I feel. I mean, of course, there are always things that hold me, hold us back. Money, or lack thereof would be the one thing that keeps me back from just packing up and moving to Greece. I have a place and a job for the summer but I still feel as though I live in semesters, so come September, I will once again be switching gears. I wonder where I will be and how I will feel six months out of University. Will I take more courses? Will I move somewhere warm? Will I become a vegetarian and own a pet? The first two could happen, the third will definitely not.

I am thinking of doing things I never thought of before, like being a fashion consultant (it is scary committing that to print) and dreaming of places I could live, like San Francisco or Seattle (it was a bit scary writing that too.) What is it about graduating that throws our brains into high gear and all we can think about is what’s next? Maybe I shouldn’t be generalizing, perhaps this is only something that I am dealing with… but I highly doubt that.

I am looking for more excitement, for more adventure and as a result, more money. I need to, however, live in the moment (something I struggle with daily) and not always looking to the next day, next month or next year. I challenge you to do this as well. It is incredibly easy to always look for the next exciting thing that is coming up, or wishing for tomorrow to come but before you know it, a bunch of tomorrows have passed us by and what have we done? We have sat there and wished for the next day. Shall we relish today? Even if there is a 12 page paper to do in 24 hours, bills to pay and nothing overly thrilling planned. Be excited for the tomorrows but don’t push today away.

This has been your daily dose of positive thinking, brought to you by Meredith Leyenhorst.
I’m just in one of those moods, and you know what? I don’t apologize for that.

I hope it is sunny where you are
– Meredith


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