When the Parents Come Marching In

My parents arrived on Trinity campus on the 26th of April for my Grad and coincidentally my birthday. They stayed until the 12th of May which allowed us some time to travel to places in B.C. that they or I haven’t seen.

First stop was Gabriola Island. We then moved on to Tofino (which was my favourite stop) then we went to Victoria, which my Dad loved. We then went to Vancouver and Seattle and ended back up in Langley, with a few stops in Whiterock as well.

Here are my photos from these adventures. Please Enjoy, and again, thank you so much for stopping by and looking at my blog, I really do appreciate it so much and feel free to leave comments, I love looking at those as well.

God Bless
– Meredith



  1. Awesome, especially Spiderman!!

  2. even your Dad looked ok in the alley…well done. Loved the sunset and cathedral forest

  3. Questaaaa · · Reply

    LOOOVEEEE the photos, your parents, and spiderman. :) ALSO, listening to the storm album and Bon Iver comes up – I just can’t help but think of “Shake-n’-bake” even though it’s not the same song.

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