This is How I Live

I have more or less finished decorating my room for the summer and I am loving it. I found some things on my travels with my parents to help with the eclectic feel I was going for. I’m loving mint and gold together so that is tied in a bit as well. Have a look!

This is such a wonderful Song called Featherstone by the Paper Kites and their EP Woodland is just beautiful. Listen to Featherstone here.

My Mom found this great idea somewhere, a magazine or a blog or something. You get two plates and a candlestick holder and make your own look-a-like cake platter for your jewellery. It’s such a great way for me to show off my jewellery and a quick way to find it. I picked the plates and the candlestick holder up at Value Village.

This watch is one of the most beautiful things I have bought and I purchased it with some birthday/graduation money, so thank you so much for my family that sent that along with my parents. This is The Kensington by Nixon in Rose Gold.

A ring my Mom got me for my birthday called Wishing Well and below some earrings she also got me.

A necklace my Mom got me for my birthday as well, can you tell it was a jewellery themed birthday? I don’t hate it…

I got this scarf in Victoria for $7 and it is exactly what I wanted, a big sweater like, infinity scarf. Bring on the cool summer nights.

I picked up a Vogue España in Seattle and it is gorgeous. I almost just don’t want to touch it, but I did.

This Orchid was a lovely birthday gift from my friends Melodie and Chelsea, a wonderful addition to my room and so far it’s still alive!

One of seven or eight pairs of sunglasses… I’ve lost count.

A great piece of furniture (along with all the other furniture in the room) that I purchased from the previous occupant of this room, my lovely friend Grace!

These almost deserve a whole post on their own but I won’t torture you that way. I purchased these bad boys in Victoria at a consignment shop. My first pair of Michael Kors heels, they may also be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever bought.

I purchased two great books from a used/new bookstore in Victoria, luckily they were almost closing by the time my parents and I got there otherwise I would have been lost in there for hours and bought the whole store. Coronado is a book of short stories by Dennis Lehane and the one below is a book of short stories by Andre Dubus.

This is definitely my favourite wall and is still needing to be completed with more frames. The map cost me $5 at a map store (yes literally just maps) in Seattle and the frames are all from Value Village.

That is my room! Thanks for checking it out! I’ve been having fun making it my own so it was nice to show you guys what I’ve been doing.

Until next time,
– Meredith



  1. Meredith, this is incredible! Pictures are stunning and I loved that I was able to see it in person. We had such a great time with you, hopefully we will make it a yearly thing!!

    Love you with all my heart
    Your MOM

  2. Can’t believe how you’ve made it so homey so quickly,btw i believe that those are my old Sun Cloud’s that I could never make look fashionable. Ron

  3. Questaaaa · · Reply

    So… I’ve been snooping. I LOVE YOUR ROOM!! Especially when you took me through the smaller details of everything – I love the jewelry wall – too bad I don’t wear jewelry much, or else I would totally copy and you would let me because at least I’m telling you before I do it and take all the credit, right? Too bad I only wear a nose ring and pearl earrings.

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