A Storm is Coming, You Better Batten Down Your Hatches

I love thunderstorms. Love. Them. We have them all the time in Ontario and I remember one summer when it rained almost everyday, I was ecstatic. In BC, especially Langley, thunderstorms are few and far between and it makes my soul sad. However, we have had a few this summer and no matter the time of day, 3am or 10pm, I will watch them.

Today is looking quite stormy, so here’s hoping.

I created this playlist almost two years ago sitting in a Starbucks/Chapters with my Mom and Brother, thrilled with my new blog that was going to reach my ten friends and family members. I thought I would shed new light on this old post as it has been driven to the dark hollows of my blog. I have added a few songs and taken some away, but it is similar to it is original form.

These songs are meant to be listened to when the rain is hitting your roof and the drops are streaming down your windows…

1. Paradise Mountain- Jenn Grant
2. Answer- Sarah McLachlan
3. Candles- Daughter
4. Infinity- The XX
5. kolniður- jónsi
6. The Ocean- Tegan and Sara
7. Everything is Moving So Fast- Great Lake Swimmers
8. Re: Stacks- Bon Iver
9. Summer Skin- Death Cab for Cutie
10. Set Fire to the Third Bar- Snow Patrol Feat. Martha Wainwright
11. Youth- Daughter

Listen to it here folks :)

One final note, here are three photos I took in Seattle a few months ago when I went down to see Thrice in concert. Amazing Concert, let me tell you.
I have posted a lot of photos from Seattle before but these photos seem to give off the feeling of a storm approaching. Which is fitting I suppose.

Take some time, stand in the rain. Your hair will dry.
– Meredith



  1. Questaaaaa · · Reply

    LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!! The music, the topic, the pictures, the honesty, the fact that I can hear your voice in the words written! Omgomgomgomg… WHY AREN’T YOU FAMOUS ALREADY?!?

    1. Questa my dear. You are such a blessing! Thank you for your comments :) I appreciate them so much!!

  2. Amy Leyenhorst · · Reply

    listening to the playlist right now.. the first artist reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy.. they play the most unique and fun songs… and I swear I’ve heard this voice before.. I prefer to listen to the rain on it’s own.. no other sound.. but i like this so far.. thank you.. i need new music in my life.

    1. Funny you should say that Amy because the Artist Daughter is from Grey’s. I love the music they have on There. That’s where I first heard her. The first artist is Canadian actually.

  3. Amy Leyenhorst · · Reply

    i just passed on your blog site to a young friend of mine at our church, who reminds me a lot of you.. she loves eclectic music, fashion and photography…. i think you’ll have a new follower there. :)

    1. Awesome thanks Amy!

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