Take These Photos From My Hands

It is a new season and I felt it was time to clean things up a bit virtually, and hopefully hair wise too, definitely time for a new-do. September is here, which for us in BC means summer, so I’m taking advantage of that as much as possible by staying in the beach area, whether that be for tanning, yoga on a paddleboard or doing some work at a coffee shop close by. I’ve started listening to Hey Ocean! recently while I do work, here’s one of my favourites called Steady which to me sounds like the story of Titanic.

It hasn’t quite hit me yet that I’m not in school anymore and maybe the feeling that I was expecting to happen won’t happen at all and all of this, this life without school, will continue to feel normal. I love having time to do things this week and I was lucky enough to have such a fun photoshoot with some of my favourite people. Justin is great and such a good model to shoot with, so thank you Justin for succumbing to my antics. Laura is an amazing photographer and you should definitely check out her website http://www.laura-anne.ca/ and make sure you check her blog too for some photos of moi.

And now, the faces of the people…

Beautiful people right? Sheesh, I just have so many attractive friends to choose from.
Have just the greatest of days, and if you like this post, share it with your friends, I would really appreciate it.

– Meredith


One comment

  1. Questaaaa · · Reply

    Justin is such a stud! Holy moly – love your shots, Mare! Especially the last 3 with JP!

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