Wish for Falling Through the Air

Oh, hi there. I have missed you. Yes, I am talking to my blog, but if you want, you can picture I was talking to you as well. We both know you’ve missed me ;)
I thought it was about time to let my creative juices flow again, they have been a bit obstructed lately, which does not please me in the least. I had a good coffee and chat with my dear friend Sarah who has graced this blogged ever so briefly before and felt it was a good time to use Clarence II (my camera.) Sarah was kind enough to take some photos of myself and my fall inspired outfit as well.
Before we get going here, I would like to give a good-ole shout out to my biggest fan (besides my mom because that’s a give-in) Questa, you my dear are a sweetheart and I appreciate you and your comments :)
Look-up, look-down… photos!
Who said overexposure was bad?
Happy raking, leaf piling and leaf jumping.
Peace out, A-town down…

Oh ya… P.S. I went short, and red. But that’s not surprising to you is it?



  1. OHMYGAH your red hair is amazing! I love the last b&w shadow one of Sarah – beautiful.

  2. ohmaagaaddd this is questa and I just can’t believe I got a shout-outttt!!! So ecstatic right now! Sarah is a beaut- I’m glad you got to capture her eyes and freckles :) and you, blondie, are not blonde anymore! Hellooooo ginger! (Now Lydia has friends she can be ginger with – although, really, she is not that ginger at all). <3

  3. Love the red hair, love the red tights, love the short hair, love the short dress! Love You.

      1. Your welcome, I am your biggest fan.

  4. Love the red hair, love the red tights
    Love the short hair, love the short dress

  5. I friggin love your outfit!

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