The Final Trek

So again, I apologize for not posting yesterday, I literally sat by the pool (the one you have already seen) for four hours and burnt myself to a shade quite close to a strawberry milkshake. However, I am darker and pain is always worth the beauty…? Yes, yes it is. I also did not take any photos yesterday as I went to bed at 10pm and awoke, before the early bird, at 2:45 AM. I can’t tell if my body wants to shutdown or run a marathon. It is a strange feeling. I had a great trip, it was hot and I found some great shopping deals… woo! Here are a few photos, including some Instagram shots.

I have one more flight from Seattle to Bellingham. To pass the time between flights I have started watching the TV series Homeland, not a bad show.

Adios for now muchachos
– M


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