Going to an Asian Nation

It is time for another update on my post-graduate life. I am proud (but not too proud) to say that I have completed and worked on most of the resolutions I have made for myself this year. Not too bad, going into the third month. To remember what those resolutions were check out my post Once Upon a Busy Month.

Here is my biggest news… I am officially moving to South Korea and will be flying this Thursday, February 28th. The flight will be a glorious 17 hours long, so instead of blogging I really should be stocking up on movies. I will be living in the city of Anyang-si and will be a 15 minute walk from the Institute where I will be teaching children from Elementary to Middle School. Kenji will be at a school near by.
Asia... We are coming for you











Asia… we are coming for you.

There have been a lot of emotions and get-togethers and goodbyes, very bittersweet. We had a grand total of two goodbye cakes as well! Both were amazing so thank you to those that provided them.

Goodbye party #1 IMG_1215Goodbye for a moment

The other resolution I have mastered, if I do say so myself, is the making of a great lemon meringue pie, well actually two good lemon meringue pies. It worked! It worked!

The Meringue PieIt tasted so good, I couldn’t believe it!

Well, there is a small, yet hopefully somewhat satisfying post for you.
To Korea… and beyond!




  1. girl, you need to do another update :) <3
    are you asian yet?! can i speak ASIA to you and you would understand it?
    if not, you might want to come back – it's probably not working out for you over there.

    1. Questa!! One is coming I promise. I don’t have internet all the time so I am trying haha. You will be the first to know!

  2. it’s questa. you’re favouritist

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