Kimchi Flavoured Birthday Cake

I had a birthday in Korea, which technically means I’m actually a year older than I am in Canada… I should have celebrated twice…. hmm.

Here are some photos of myself on my birthday. I love my birthday, it is my favourite “holiday” so I wanted to be sure to at least document myself on my birthday in Korea. Let’s just say that a certain someone will have to have some practice with the camera a bit more and that is why I have so few shots of myself. But hey, we have to start somewhere don’t we?

I had a surprise and had my nails done. It was really relaxing and so nice. That’s painted on, not a sticker.
DSC_0012 DSC_0021 DSC_0037 DSC_0067-2 DSC_0070 DSC_0001Live long and prosper.

– M



  1. Naomi Unrau · · Reply

    Well, if TODAY is also your birthday, happy birthday Merideth. You look awesome. I hope things are going well/better by now.

  2. Well, I did not see a picutre of your cake but I assume it may have been eaten too fast.
    Good pictures, not great, but good.

  3. Rebecca Desjardins · · Reply

    Love the hair! You look like a rockstar, hope it was a good one, Happy Birthday!!

  4. your hair is sick. and I’m glad that your nails aren’t stickers. thank. god.

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