Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

I made another lemon meringue pie last week, which was tasssssty. I ended up having some dough left over and thought, hmm let’s make mini lemon meringue pies. Most things are better as mini. (Just let that comment slide.) These were just as tasty, and super cute.


I used a couple of different recipes for these and a handy trick where I put the dough on the underside of a cupcake tin to make little cups, then I placed the the cups on a cookie sheet and filled them and baked them. The crusts can go in for less time then it says, maybe 10 minutes less.
DSC_0087 DSC_0083 DSC_0094 DSC_0097
The recipe for the dough is found here:
I would suggest using the meringue from here as well, the one I used was too thick and meant to be baked, it was still good though.
The filling, which is amazing by the way, is found here:

Enjoy the process and the taste!

– M



  1. Aunt Holly · · Reply

    Hey there! Glad to see your updated blog. Still missin’ ya! Hope everything going well. Love ya!

  2. […] except I substituted the whole milk for coconut milk, yummm 3. This recipe was featured in a previous blog post and I chose to use some left over ingredients to make some cute little lemon meringue tarts, one of […]

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