Fall is Coming, Get Your Infinity Scarves Ready

It’s summer, which means it’s time to start thinking about what I want to wear in the fall. Never live in the moment, that’s my motto. (That’s a joke, for those who struggle with sarcasm.) But honestly, who doesn’t love a great fall wardrobe?

I do enjoy summer clothing as well, and I want to be inspired to look a bit nicer these days, despite the fact that I don’t do much, except go to the gym and wait for emails from employers dying to hire me. Here is my summer (with a slight fade into fall) inspiration board for you. It’s filled with bold prints, flouncy shirts, tulle for days, and bare-backs. These are a few of my favourite things…

2013inspirationLarge1. That shirt is so beautiful and with those shorts its rockin’ 2. Chic and Casual, those pants are to die for.  3. A clean white button up goes a long way, especially with a print like that 4. Bare backs are one of my favourite things to rock 5. This combo is outrageous, I’m a fan  6. So dangerously low, and super sexy 7. I love the boldness of this outfit and I want to find some flower pants that I just can’t wait to wear 8. Carey Mulligan is maybe the woman I want to be

Hopefully this inspired you as well, or at least you learned what sarcasm is.

Keep it real,

– M



  1. Yeah, I white shirt!!

  2. 3 is my fave – but I wouldn’t mind wearing 7 on a fun day :) LOVE YOU. -Q

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