Lessons on Leopard

Rock the Leopard Print

One of my favourite prints, that never gets old or dates itself, is leopard print. I thought I would share with you some ways that I have chosen to wear leopard print in the past and perhaps give you some tips on getting that crazy print out of your closet and on to your body.

TIP 1: Be bold with it. Make it the main statement and then accessorize using gold or silver or a pop of colour. What’s great is any bold colour would work with leopard print. Wear it for a night out or a day window shopping.

TIP 2: Pair a leopard shirt with a leather jacket, dark jeans and boots. Rock concert here we come.

TIP 3: Use leopard print as an accessory, like a belt or a bracelet, and don’t be afraid to use it with a bold stripe. Any day, Any time.

TIP 4: Grab your leopard collared shirt and throw a bright bold print (like a pink vintage cashmere for example) on top, then bling it out. Keep the bottom half simple so you don’t over-do it. Throw this on when you’re off to a birthday party or a wedding shower.

Be brave! Be bold! Look in your closet to see if you have any of these items, or something similar, and try your hand at mixing it up with some leopard print.

– M



  1. Seems like we have the same favorite print!! ;-)
    Please check out my blog too and maybe we can follow each other!

  2. Almost bought this leopard blouse today, I guess I should have!

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