Lipstick and Margaritas

Downtown Kingston. Free cotton candy. Brooding looks. Hand holding. End of the day margaritas.drinks and lipstick 2drinks and lipstick 3Margaritas2Basically I just made the recipe up and used what I could find in the fridge. We did purchase some tequila and then I added one can of frozen limeade, a bit of water, fresh lime juice and rimming salt.

– M



  1. Seriously can’t get enough of you two.

    1. challenge accepted Natalie.

  2. Naomi Unrau · · Reply

    Two fabulous people! Give Kingston a hug for me. How long will you be there? If you’re still there after the 19, meander down to 23 Dufferin St., which is in walking distance from downtown opposite direction from downtown than Queen’s (I’m directionally challenged), following the river to Dufferin, drop in to say hi to my daughter and son-in-law. They’re both TWU grads. He’s doing his last bit of residency for medical family practice. They are awesome hosts and would love to meet you. Keep posting, please. I want to keep tabs on you two.


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