Headed to Burlington to hang with my gem of a friend, Grace. Went on a great walk and just had #realtalk the whole time. Beautiful colours, beautiful friends. She’s part-time model, part-time explorer, as you will notice below.   -M Advertisements

Here is a couple shots from my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. A “what they wore” post if you will. Below you will find both my present and future self. It’s like looking in a future mirror… that should never be invented. For reals though, my parents have style right? I have hope that I […]

Everyone knows that tall grass during magic hour is the bomb, but who knew that a splash pad in fall was the sweetest backdrop? You do now. My man is a smokeshow. – M

Guns blast. Men chat. Mom giggles. Wine glasses clink. Wedding bells chime. Kingston. Congratulations Kailyn and Joshua your wedding was beautiful and crazy tasty. -M “If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It’s not tragic to die doing what you love.” – Bodhi

Holy smoked salmon does Montreal have some amazing places to eat! Thanks to the best gal around, Natalie, for suggesting some awesome places! And for Hélène, my French companion who is equally spontaneous and a great travel partner. Miss you lady. Short but sweet, it was hard to put the food down and pick up […]

I went on a sporadic and much needed trip to Montreal in April before a friend of my went back to her homeland of France. We ate food that made us burst with joy. We bought $2 umbrellas during a downpour and threw them out not 2 minutes later (a dollar a minute is pretty […]

I LOVE Jordan Klassen. Love him. Saw him live. Know people that know him. Brushed shoulders with him at a music festival in BC. (You don’t care) I love him so much I re-did one of his songs oh so many years ago in a Digital Recording class. Shout out to Jef Gibbons. Give the […]